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Sources For Recent Tax Legislation

CCH Tax Legislation Coverage - This is a great resource for the lastest tax law changes. They provide quick links to recent developments as well as great summaries of all the latest tax acts and proposed bills.

Smart Brief/CPA Letter Daily - Another great resource for the latest tax and accounting news. It has a wide variety of links and sources.

Forms and Publications

IRS Forms and Publications - All the federal forms and publications you would ever want or need.

Oregon Department of Revenue Forms - Corporate, individual, fiduciary, and other tax type forms are available.

City of Portland/Multnomah Tax Forms - Your One-Stop Shop for Business License & Tax Forms.

Other Resources

IRS COBRA Subsidy Q & A - an in-depth resource for employers regarding the COBRA subsidy.

End-of-Life Planning Guide - a guide made available by the AICPA that provides a wealth of information on a subject that is very important to address.

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CCH Tax Legislation Coverage

IRS Forms and Publications

IRS Health Ins Credit Q & A

End-of-Life Planning Guide