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Tax Planning and Preparation

We will prepare your returns to assure you pay no more tax than necessary. At your request we will review your income and deductions during the year and recommend changes in estimate payments or tax saving strategies. We can help you evaluate when would be the appropriate time to exercise employer provided stock options. We will be there for you in case the Internal Revenue Service has questions regarding your return.

Retirement Planning

What do CPAs have to do with planning for retirement? Actually a lot. Though we are not in the business of making recommendation of specific investments, how you withdraw moneys from your retirement plans has everything to do with our business. We can help you determine if you have enough assets to retire and can suggest which assets to use first. And though the rules for the required withdrawals from retirement plans have been simplified, owners of retirement plans and their heirs still need to be aware of the options available.

Estate Planning

Have you taken a close look at your estate lately? Now may be the time to make some changes. Though many people think their estates are not large enough to be subject to the inheritance tax, increases in real property values, underestimating of the value of a closely held business, and the past gains in the stock markets may have made your estate larger than you realized. We have the knowledge to help you explore where you are and can suggest ways to arrange your assets to help those you desire. Maybe you would like to leave most of your assets to charity, or maybe you would like your family members to benefit from your estate. We can make suggestions to lessen, and in some cases eliminate, the tax liability and bring your wishes to reality.

Professional IRS Representation

In an effort to close the tax gap, the IRS has been increasing audits in recent years and is continuing to hire more and more auditors. In the unfortunate event that you are selected for audit, we can assist you in presenting your case and documents to the IRS. Complicated tax matters often come up in audits and it can be a very frustrating experience. We will help you understand exactly what the IRS is requesting, why, and also how you can avoid problems in the future. With many years of experience in dealing with the IRS and state agencies, we can help minimize your liability as well as your stress.

Estates & Trusts

Types and Purpose

Listed below are some general characteristics of some basic trusts. We understand how each client needs something just a little different from everyone else. We can advise you and help you find which tool will lend itself to accomplishing your goal in the most timely and cost effective way.


Holds the probated assets of a deceased individual until all debts are paid and assets are disbursed to beneficiaries. Estates are subject to both federal and state taxes.

Living (Revocable) Trusts

A trust created by an individual (grantor) to hold assets while they are still living. At the individual's death, the trust document directs how the assets within the trust are to be disbursed and those assets avoid probate. The grantor may withdraw the assets at any time. Living trusts are not tax paying entities. The income earned by the trust is included in the grantor's tax return. At the grantor's death, the living trust normally becomes an irrevocable trust.

Irrevocable Trusts

A trust created by individuals (grantors) to hold assets for the benefit of themselves or for someone else. The grantor may not withdraw the assets. The trust will be subject to both federal the state taxation. The trustee can only close the trust after all the obligations designated by the grantor have been fulfilled.

Charitable Trusts

A trust created by individuals to provide income to the grantors or their beneficiaries, and at their death the remaining trust assets pass to the grantors' chosen charities.

Administration and Tax Preparation

With the various types and purposes of estates and trusts, the personal representatives and the trustees have a varying degree of tax reporting obligations to fulfil. Unfortunately, the legal profession is geared towards the legal aspects of the process. Sometimes the "how to's" are not communicated to the responsible party. Quite often the fiduciary has never been involved in closing an estate. Our firm has stepped in and guided the personal representative or the trustee in developing the accounting records they need. We have also helped them piece together the information needed to make complete and accurate tax filings. We prepare all the required tax returns including the decedent's final personal return, the fiduciary (estate or trust) tax returns, and the inheritance tax return.

Businesses & Corporations

Planning and Preparation

Good tax planning starts with choosing the proper form of business. Choices include corporations, limited partnerships, general partnerships, LLC, LLP and the sole proprietorship. Every business is different and what is good for the business next door may not be the right choice for you. Once your form of business has been established we can advise you on ways to keep more of the dollars you earn and take advantage of the laws Congress has passed.

Recordkeeping and Reports

Few things can be as bad as a company with poor accounting records. Many times companies just don't want to pay for the records they need. However, the money saved is usually lost in additional accounting fees, late payment of tax penalties and interest and unknown lost vendor discounts. Additionally, without current records, the CPA can only guess at what may be the appropriate year-end plan for lessening the tax burden. Whether you are a new business or someone who has "made do" the last few years we can help you set up recordkeeping and accounting systems to provide the information you need. We can prepare or assist you in preparing payroll reports, journals and general ledgers. We can design accounting systems that will provide safeguards to detour employee dishonesty. Of course, providing financial statements and cost projections to obtain outside financing is a primary service.

Business Sales and Acquisitions

Selling or buying a business is one of the tough decisions you will make. We have taken great care to be aware of all the pitfalls in buying or selling a business and pride ourselves in our negotiating skills. Price is not the only thing needing consideration but price certainly is a major factor. We have taken additional education courses to strengthen our knowledge of business valuation both for selling purposes and for estate planning purposes.

Consulting Services

Have you wondered why your business seems to be growing but it never seems to have enough cash? Or why do the company sales keep growing but the profit does not seem to increase? Maybe you worry about the security of your business assets. Are they safe from employee fraud?

Many successful business owners need outside expertise from time to time to help them understand and develop a strategy to solve a financial problem facing their company. We have provided consulting advice on various projects including timing of plant expansion and relocation, cash flow projections for line of credit requirements, and point out areas to monitor during economic downturns. We do not profess to know your business better than you, but with 30 years of experience with more than 200 businesses, we are able to analyze your financial statements to see if your business is running efficiently. We are also able to review your accounting systems to see if you are exposed to internal control risks.

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