Welcome to the 2020 tax season! 

After almost 30 years at the Plaza West Building near Washington Square, we started 2020 off by moving to a freshly updated space just 2.9 miles down Hwy 217.  We are now located in the AAA Building behind Oswego Grill near the 217/I-5 interchange.  We look forward to seeing you this tax season!

6 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 450
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Ph 503.244.8844
Fax 503.244.5898

An updated website will be coming after we have recovered from the 7/15 deadline.   

All IRS 4/15 Deadlines Pushed back to 7/15 – This includes IRA and HSA deadlines as well.  https://bit.ly/July15TaxDeadline

On 3/17/20, the IRS had extended the payment due dates to 7/15/20.  On 3/20/20, the tax deadline itself was moved to 7/15/20.  This means that you do not need to worry about extensions or filing by 4/15/20 – as long as your return is filed by 7/15/20 it will be considered timely filed.  If you owe tax for 2019 or 1st quarter estimated tax payments for 2020, you also have until 7/15/20 to make these payments. 

In light of the current circumstances, this provides much-needed flexibility.  We will continue to work on getting returns out like normal in the order they were received (provided there are no lockdowns), but turn-around time has been affected by COVID-19 interruptions this tax season, so we appreciate your patience.  Many of our small business clients have been greatly impacted by the forced closures and disruption, so we are doing our best to assist them with the new COVID-19 business relief options from the CARES Act while also filing 2019 tax returns. 

Oregon – ODR confirmed on 3/25/20 that the personal tax deadline would be pushed back to 7/15 as well, but the due date for the 1st quarter 2020 estimate remains.  The 7/15/20 deadline also applies to Tri-Met SE tax. https://www.oregon.gov/dor/Pages/COVID19.aspx.  Business tax deadlines remain in place at this time.

City of Portland Taxes – Filing and payment deadlines for the 2019 MCBIT/PBL business taxes have been extended to 7/15/20.  However, 2020 Estimates have not been extended.  The ARTS tax has been extended to 7/15/20 too.  https://www.portlandoregon.gov/revenue/article/757214

California – The CA FTB has pushed back tax deadlines to 7/15 as well – https://www.ftb.ca.gov/about-ftb/newsroom/covid-19/extensions-to-file-pay.html

Office Updates:

Appointments – We are no longer scheduling in-office appointments and our office is essentially closed except for essential employees.  You may be healthy, but we serve many clients across all generations.  If you still desire a tax appointment, we can schedule a face to face in the summer once risks have abated.  If you would like to schedule a teleconference, please call MJ at 503.244.8844.

Document Delivery to P&G – If you have documents to send us, please consider using our Sharefile portal or mailing the physical documents to us.

If you have experienced any sickness symptoms, please do not come into our office. Call or email our office and we will make arrangements with you.

Delivery of Completed Returns – Tax returns will be delivered by ShareFile portal or by mail.  We are also holding client documents here upon request.

We recommend that you submit your data as soon as possible and do not wait for broker statements or K-1s you have not received yet.  Our original cut off date was 3/20 back when there was a 4/15 deadline; however, now that the deadline is 7/15, you can submit your data after this date and we will get your return completed after 4/15 but before the 7/15 deadline. 

We are continuing to work tax season hours through 4/15, and then we will likely return to normal hours.  Current turn-around time is about 5 weeks at this point, but if Oregon orders a shelter-in-place or full lockdown, there will be further delays.  

If you have finished uploading documents to your ShareFile portal, be sure to email mjohnson@pandgcpa.com to let MJ know that your returns are ready to be checked in.

We use ShareFile portals to securely send & receive tax documents and information from clients.  The most common problem with client portals is lost or forgotten passwords.  In this case, please use the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page to reset your password and gain access to your portal.

For further assistance, contact MJ at 503.244.8844, or email her at mjohnson@pandgcpa.com.

When creating files to upload to ShareFile or email to us, please use pdf format whenever possible.  If you do not have a scanner, I highly recommend the Scannable app by Evernote or something similar.  These apps are really quick and produce pdfs very easily.

Photos are just difficult to work with and convert, and cropping out thumbs and backgrounds is not cost-effective.

Also, you can always drop-off or mail paper documents as well.  Just keep in mind – we scan everything, so if you minimize the use or staples and paper clips, our scanners would greatly appreciate it.